Groundworks Contractors Sussex

Pile Tech is a groundworks construction specialist contractors and civil engineering company based in Sussex and operating in the south east of England. It is a family-owned business, run by brothers John Lean and Joe Lean, providing the best professional services in groundworks, piling and underpinning. They have successfully completed projects in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, and London.

Pile tech is one of the leaders in the groundworks construction industry in Sussex and is frequently recommended by local and regional subcontractors as well as contractors. We undertake commercial, industrial, and residential as well as sports, school, and playground groundworks projects.

We handle all of your groundworks tasks single-handedly, taking charge of everything from demolition and ground investigation to site clearance and landscaping in Sussex. You do not need to chase different contractors for these jobs. We help you save money and get the best possible groundworks for your project.

At Pile Tech, we have the best groundworks techniques in piling to help create a strong and steady base for your building structure. We hold the expertise in CFA piling, rotary bored piling, micro piling, jet grouting, etc in Sussex. We as leading contractors provide one of the best services in underpinning as well and employ the highest level of on-site supervision in the UK underpinning industry.

We understand the value of time and we work hard to finish your projects on time. We rely on getting referrals and word-of-mouth publicity from our clients to expand our reach. You can contact us via email or phone to discuss your project and receive free advice from us. Even in times of unfavourable construction conditions, we provide modern, innovative and economical foundation solutions. We have worked for residential and commercial properties in diverse industries such as marine, agricultural, etc.

We have a large base of modern equipment and a team of trained professionals to complete the underpinning, groundworks and piling on time. Customer satisfaction is extremely valuable to us and we take every possible measure to meet our customer’s needs. We also strive to give the most economical and practical solutions to the requirements of our customers based on the condition of the building structure and soil’s surface. We have a strong partner base including some of the top building contractors, consultants and engineers in England.