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Choosing from the Best Construction Companies in London

If you are building a new residential property or a commercial building, then you may need to go through a list of the best construction companies in London. Regardless of your reason for looking up construction companies, you need to make sure that you choose carefully. Remember that your choice will make an impact on the overall quality and cost of your construction project. With this in mind, consider the following tips when choosing a construction company in London:

  • Make a list – Look up the leading construction companies in London. Stick to highly established and reputable service providers that are trusted by all types of industries in both commercial and industrial sectors, as well as in the private sector.

  • Compare the companies – Take note of key factors that make the leading construction companies in London suitable for your project. These factors include the quality of their work, their experience in the construction industry, and what other clients are saying about them. Be sure to check the services they offer, too, and make sure they can deliver exactly what you want.

  • Find out their specialisations – The best construction companies in London are piling specialists, groundwork construction experts, and underpinning experts. Pick a company that can do all three, so you do not have to look further, and you can save a lot of time and money when you work only with one company.

  • Learn about their construction techniques – Leading construction companies in London offer a complete range of foundation building services, like bored piling and CFA piling, which is suitable for construction sites and urban areas where noise and vibration reduction are required.

Piling Specialists

We offer a full range of foundation building services for your needs, including the continuous flight auger (CFA) piling and bored piling. CFA foundations are ideal for urban areas and construction sites where vibration and noise reduction are important.

Underpinning Experts

At Pile Tech we are able to provide professional ground beam and piling services like nobody else! We’re different to other contractors because we carry out ALL the required work to bring your construction back to ground level.

Latest Projects

Pile Tech are experienced, reliable professionals in sub-structural engineering, including underpinning, piling and groundworks in the South East. We are experts in mini piling and groundbeams and are more than willing to advise you on your sub structural engineering and foundation work.





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