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Construction Workplace Safety During COVID-19 – What Construction Workers Need to Know.?

The widespread of COVID-19 has alarmed people all around the world. The aftereffects of COVID-19 can be seen in the changed lifestyle of individuals including employers and employees.  It has become extremely imperative to follow certain rules and regulations,  maintain social distance, and follow various precautionary measures to help prevent further spread of the disease. In this post, we will be enlightening you about various construction workplace safety measures that piling contractors need to follow in order to make their workplace ideal for construction work.

Plan the work – It is advisable to plan the work in advance so that your employees can keep a distance from one another.  The work stations should be divided between employees at the start of the day.  It is also suggested not to have too many employees in the same room so that social distancing measures can be followed.

Make hand sanitizer available- While getting your construction site ready,  make hand sanitizer available at all accessible areas, for example- at the entrance, in toilets, dressing rooms, and at break joints. Piling contractors should encourage their employees to wash their hands upon arriving at the construction place as well as before and after breaks.

Periodic cleaning and sanitizing the area– Amid COVID-19, try to maintain cleanliness more than usual.  Sanitize doorknobs, handles, surfaces, and toilets several times a day.  Do not leave dining tables, chairs, coffee machine, or microwave.  Try to display posters promoting hand-washing everywhere, so that workers are reminded to wash their hands frequently. Washing hands with soap kills the virus and prevents the spread of the disease.

Set Protocols for Meetings- Meetings are an important part of every business. When it comes to conducting meetings, piling companies need to pay attention to various aspects so that the risk of COVID-19 could be prevented. In the first place, consider whether a face-to-face-meeting is necessary or it could be replaced by a video conference? Is it possible to have fewer people attend the meeting? Keep a close eye on your workers. If you find anyone unwell, ask them to take a rest.

Careful Use of Trailers- On sites, where work trailers are used, only the required number of employees should be allowed to enter the trailers. The employees should also maintain social distancing when inside the trailers.

Sanitize Work Tools and Equipment- The use of worker’s tools and equipment should be limited. The company must provide alcohol-based wipes to clean the tools and equipment that are shared by the workers.

Seek Help– The symptoms of COVID-19 are quite similar to cold and flu.  If any worker has any symptoms related to cold and flu should be immediately sent home. It is also suggested that employers of piling companies should contact local public health units for seeking advice on workplace infection prevention and control.

Be Cautious- Carrying out construction and maintenance activities within occupied homes, offices, buildings, and other establishments present serious hazards to COVID-19 exposure.  While working, workers must clean their hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer upon arrival, throughout working and before departure.  The workers should also encourage the occupants to maintain a distance of six feet at a minimum.

Visitors Should be Screened- The number of visitors visiting the job site must be limited to those who have the necessary work. All the visitors will be screened upon arrival, based on which access should be granted to the job site. If the visitor confirms that he has been tested positive for COVID-19, or is currently experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath or has been in contact with any persons who have been tested positive, he or she should not be permitted to enter the job site.

Mental Health and COVID-19

According to the report shared by the CDC, it has been known that workers from construction companies suffer from a serious mental health crisis, hence resulting in a higher rate of suicides. The additional stress of coronavirus pandemic has added fuel to the fire.  Most of the common problems experienced by employees during this COVID-19 crisis are- anxiety, job loss, family strife. Mentioned below are certain ways how employers of piling companies can promote workers’ mental health.

Offer communication-  In times, when everything can be shattered by news from the media, it is the duty of the employers to act as a trusted source of information for their employees. Ensure all the channels of communication of open, which could be an email, phone, text or in person.

Acknowledge the struggles– During this unprecedented time, it is true that your workers might be struggling with various issues.  Lend an ear and be a human being when they are talking about their issues. You can acknowledge because it would mean that they are cared for.

Work with your EAP– It is also necessary to work with your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to know what kind of services they can offer to your workforce.

Those were several construction workplace safety measures that every pilling company should follow during this pandemic in order to promote a safe and hygienic environment.