East Sussex Piling Contractors

Piling is a technique for giving stability and support to the foundations of a structure. It is necessary at the beginning of the building process and can be needed to repair or improve the strength of existing buildings.

Piles can be either drilled into the ground or driven in using hydraulic pressure. These processes use specialist equipment and need to be carried out by trained professionals to ensure solid, reliable foundations. Pile Tech are experienced and serve the South East, including Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

As a company, we continue to expand our services throughout the South East and offer the best possible solutions to our clients, with the aim of providing practical piling solutions on a scale that you require. We offer every customer our professionalism and dedication to detail when installing your foundation works, and we are happy to provide free quotes, estimates and assessments if requested. We can be contacted seven days a week by mobile and are ready to tackle any problem you may have. All you need to do is make a simple phone call for piling, underpinning and sub-structural groundwork.

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