home extension in construction

Things You Should Consider Before Extending Your Home

Home is where the heart is. As the years progress, the family gets bigger, lifestyle changes and we need extra space. The easiest way to adapt to these changes would be a home extension. A lot of around us help to have this extra space in the same ambiance without uprooting our closed ones. Home isn’t somewhere that could be replaced or changed. While thinking about extending the house there are a few things to keep in mind. They are jotted down.

  • Budget: Sometimes home extensions may extend beyond the expected budget. The expenditure should be calculated beforehand before the start of renovations. All the relevant expenses to meet up the plan should be calculated based on the market value of building commodities. The unexpected cost that may arise in between and labor charges should be roughly calculated. If the budget is set considering all aspects beyond the consultation and construction charges, an experienced architect can build the structure within the constraints of amount and resource.
  • Time: Though we may be planning for extending a room or so, it takes time for the whole process to finally give a result. The budget planning, setting contractors, consulting, and approval from the agency takes time and doesn’t happen within a blink of time. So, if it is planned to extend the home, consider three important aspects “Time”, “cost”, “quality”.
  • The motive behind the extension: First of all, the purpose should be well planned before execution. If you are planning for an extra room, living area, increasing the size of any existing room or a whole new floor. A cut and clear idea should be sought beforehand to find the appropriate plan. Always plan the renovation with the blueprint of the existing structure. Do not try to improvise in a destructive manner that can affect the strength of the whole building.
  • Services: Several services are required in a home, like electricity, drainage, water, and gas meter. Will the extension plan affect the overall integrity of the services? Will it require to change the entire system to fit in a new room? These parameters are crucial. Anything which can affect the overall performance of the essential service requires to be reconciled again.
  • Strength of foundation: It is another important aspect. It should be noted whether the already built foundation has enough strength to withstand additional structures to it without collapsing in long run. Many constructing companies assist in ascertaining the strength of the foundation and to finalize whether an extension is possible or not.
  • Consultation: Consult with experts before finalizing. Experts with experience can give all possible ideas and suggestions within our budget. Take time and think of all possibilities. Appointing the right constructing company, survey, and finally gathering all necessary details takes months.
  • Law within the country: It should be also noted some extensions require permissions from government bodies. There are several laws within each country to abide by. All permissions must be granted beforehand the start of the extension. Usually, a certificate has to be received. The plan of extension should be submitted to the agency, which verifies it and authorizes it to build it.
  • Impact on the neighborhood: This is crucial in case you are planning an extension in a colony or if you are sharing a party wall with your neighbor. An extension can block the sunlight to your neighbor’s house. Everyone has the right to light hence blockade of natural resources and cause demolishing of the structure by the government bodies in extreme situations. Sometimes downpour can accumulate on your neighbor’s property causing damage to the building. Considering all these aspects it is necessary to take the permission of the nearby residents.
  • Think about the sustainability and life of the structure: If the existing structure is too old, the chances that the building is suffering from wear and tear is certain. The reasons can be poor insulation, poor design, and lack of proper ventilation. A smart innovation of the existing structure must be carried out. An efficient constructing company could overcome such dilemmas and make the building thermal efficient.
  • Space utilization: As a layman, we may not be aware of the newer technologies in the field of architecture. There are a wide array of innovations in this field that could increase space and save expenses. A sliding door than a hinged door saves a lot of space and help to strategize the new structure more efficiently and economically. Newer technologies help to absorb more from the already existing resources.

Home is where love resides, family unite and laughter never ceases.  The points briefed above can help in your thought process and let the expectations match the realities. Extensions indeed help to keep everyone under the same roof.