grundomat piles

A Complete Guide to Grundomat Piles

The Grundomat piling method is an air-driven piling system. In this method, piles are driven through compressed air. This compressed air is supplied from outside the piling area with the help of minimal machinery, and a very minimum vibration is generated that makes grundomat piling a helpful technique in underground environments and restricted-access sites.

The tool used in this piling method is called Grundomat dull tool. It is a cylindrical air-hammer driven through the ground using compressed air. Its bores range up to 200-mm and are used to lay cables and pipes under roadways and various other surface installations. The best part is that grundomat works in all displaceable soils such as sand, loam, gravel, and even in the soils containing fracturable rocks. However, its use gets limited in the case of solid stones, and it can’t be used for unbreakable rocks. In addition, soft and swampy soils may also create problems in the accuracy due to the deviation that may be caused due to the tool’s weight.

Operational Steps in Grundomat Piling

Connection to a Compressor

Grundomat requires a compressor to have an adequate capacity for optimal operation. The significant part is that the operating

pressure must not go beyond 100 psi. Executing the process of piling at pressures higher than 100 psi may cause inaccuracies. In addition, remove any kind of dirt or contamination from the air hoses before connecting the Grundomat tool to it.

Also, ensure that a secure locking between the couplings and safety rings are tightened before starting the machine. The collars could be wrapped with electrical or adhesive tape to keep dirt away from the air-line.

In addition, Grundomat piling requires lubrication during the operation. The in-line lubricator offers this lubrication, which is connected between the tool and the regulator. The lubricator needs to be checked every day to ensure it contains an ample supply of oil.

Lubricator Operation and Adjustment

For the optimum performance of Grundomat soil displacement hammer, high-quality pneumatic lubricant is essential. One such lubricant is GRUNDO-OIL which prevents the freezing of water vapour inside the machine. It is 100% biodegradable, safe, and has no harmful effect on air hoses. The lubricator ensures the vaporization and supply of the lubricant to the Grundomat. During the operation, a slight mist of GRUNDO-OIL can be seen in the exhaust air coming out of the hammer. To relieve the reservoir pressure and prevent oil discharge after completing the bore, the red button on the filler cap should be placed.

During the operation, compressed air gets expanded in the GRUNDOMAT for cooling down the machine. But in certain conditions, especially in cold temperatures, the engine may become so relaxed that an ice coating could be formed on the Grundomat tool.

Aligning and starting the Grundomat

Once the Grundomat reaches under the ground, it runs straight, and there could be no alteration or correction done in its direction. This is why it is crucial to align the Grundomat precisely on target. This objective could be accomplished using various methods such as using anchor stakes and starting cradle with the larger Grundomates, launching the bottom trench using a lever, and GRUNDOSCOPE.

Before starting the tedious process, the utility one call number must be contacted to locate and mark utility lines in the area. It is suggested to always perform the boring from the congested utility area to a non-congested one. Moreover, the minimum depth specification for the Grundomat operation is ten times the diameter of the tool. If the minimum depth is not kept under observation, then there could be a risk of surface damage from the soil displacement.

Follow the general instructions during operation

There is always the need to keep a close eye on the Grundomat while working. If its boring speed is faster than 60-ft. per hour, you need to decrease the air supply. Because at that rate of speed, the Grundomat may go off course.

However, if the Grundomat does not begin to cycle after starting the machine, it may require another procedure to start. So, in such cases, one of the following may be used:

  • Turning off the air supply and waiting for the pressure to bleed out of the tool.
  • Under normal air pressure, switch from forward to reverse.
  • “Kick-start” with an increase in the air pressure. This can be accomplished by kinking the air hose close to the tool, turning the air on, and then releasing the hose.
  • Good and well-known lubricating oil or biodegradable lubricants (of about four oz.) can be poured into the air hose. Then try again by reconnecting the hose.

Final words

Grundomat Piling is a valuable technique for supporting buildings that have restricted access. This method is mainly used in the residential and infrastructure sector, which is the ideal technique for structures in sensitive areas. In short, Grundomat is used for minimum vibration small, lightweight equipment, quick installation, and minimal site preparation.