How are Mini Piling Machines Making Life Easier?

Mini piles are a type of foundation work that follow the same principles as other piling constructions, only they are intended for use on smaller scale projects. Mini piling contractors prepare ground so it can adequately support a building’s weight. Different types of piling rigs and machineries are used to drive a mini pile down into the building ground, so that concrete foundation can be properly poured onto the surface. Mini piles are designed for use on much smaller constructions like house extensions or when there are environmental concerns to think about.

Different types of mini piling techniques call for various pieces of mini piling equipment. The kinds of mini piling machines required for each rig vary depending on the type of foundation being constructed and the style of piling being used. Below is a breakdown of some of the most commonly used mini piling methods and the types of machines used in each rig:

  • Open-bore piling – Open bores are quite universal in that they are used on any type and size of construction site. To facilitate open-bore piling, mini piling contractors will break out a rotating auger, which works to remove soil down at a chosen depth. The holes that the rotating auger leaves are then filled with steel cages along with concrete. Open bore piling is a preferred method for constructing retrofit basements on terraced properties as it causes very little vibration.
  • Secant bored pile wall – Secant piles are very similar to another type of piling method known as contiguous pile walls, which are retaining walls that are generally used to hold the soil back as excavations move ahead. Secant walls are commonly used in basement construction except that they use an innovative system of interlocking shafts that are not only more aesthetically pleasing to look at onsite, but are better suited for less than optimum ground conditions.
  • Micro piling – Micro piling for restricted spaces require more compact equipment that can easily be manoeuvred around constrictive spaces. Tools for rotary drilling, impact driving, and jacking are typically used for mini piling applications, along with other machineries that can address restrictive environments.