Micro and Mini Piles – New Construction Industry Options

Micro and mini piles are deep foundation elements that are constructed with the use of narrow but high strength steel casings or threaded bars. These piling elements are commonly used for providing structural support for constructions as well as for enhancing a structure’s mass stability. Mini piling Surrey is also a good option for buildings that need foundational underpinning as well as for transferring structural loads so that building weight can be distributed more evenly.

Micro piles are aptly named for their small diameter. These drilled and grouted mini friction piles each contains steel elements, which are bonded into bearing rock or soil using cement grout. During installation, mini piling Surrey contractors would log the bearing stratum in order to ensure adequate bearing capacity for the micro pile. These piles don’t rely on the ground’s end bearing capacity, which eliminates the need for establishing rock competency beyond bond-depth. Mini piling Surrey is a practical option not only because they can quickly be installed but also because they can be applied in virtually all types of terrain, with the help of adaptable drilling equipment.

Steel micro piles offer impressive working capacities of up to 250 tons. They are likewise economical alternatives to larger diameter bored pile foundations, particularly in restricted access situations and difficult ground conditions. Micro piles can likewise be reinforced with larger diameter threaded bars to increase their load capacity.  Mini piling Surrey is ideal for foundational situations like:

  • Building projects with less suitable ground conditions to accommodate standard foundations.
  • Structures where risk of damaging or undermining existing foundations is high.
  • Areas that require reduced noise levels and low vibration solutions.
  • Restricted access areas with low head room and where standard equipment may not fit.
  • Small to mid size projects.
  • Reduced soil removal requirements; and
  • Structures that require foundational upgrade to increase load capacity.