Mini Cranes are Sometimes Better Options than Larger Cranes

Mini cranes are great solutions for lifting, moving, and lowering medium weight loads in particularly small areas. More than their powerful mechanical advantage, mini cranes are well-loved bymini piling contractors because of their versatility, especially when moving material and other types of objects within restricted spaces. Mini cranes are widely used in various industries, but more so in construction and groundworks. They come in a wide variety of types and models, but the most basic ones come with features like the jib or boom, chain hoist, wire ropes, and drum.

Mini cranes, being smaller than regular cranes, are extremely flexible. While they can’t match the strength of larger cranes, they are capable of carrying substantial amounts of loads that make them functional for all kinds of piling applications. Mini piling contractors make use of mini cranes for various handling applications. These machines can be used as support for an entire crane system or for installation in specialised work stations, which can help increase productivity and efficiency in various stages of work. Mini cranes are in high demand in mini piling environments because of their:

Manoeuvrability in small, restricted spaces - The size of mini cranes is ideal for tight working areas where larger cranes cannot be used.

Easy set-up and relocation – Mini crane models are very easy to set-up, install, and later on, dismantle. This means easy relocation from a construction site to another job location. Cranes can easily be transported using the right size truck, making them even more ideal for use in multiple-location projects.

Flexible power source – Depending on job locations, equipment availability, and overall requirements, mini piling contractors can invest in different types of mini cranes that offer flexible power options, ranging from electricity powered cranes to diesel and gas fuelled machines.