The Landscape Company pledge begins with a commitment to you. We pledge to deliver the highest level of service and workmanship at all times while providing the maximum value for every landscape dollar on-time and on-budget. We are an award winning, full-service, family owned commercial landscaping company that understands the importance of your corporate image.


An under-pinning system is one that transfers the load of a structure to a suitable bearing stratum below ground, while taking into account the possible effects of ground heave like subsidence.


At PileTech we are able to provide professional bored pile, piling services like nobody else! We’re different to other contractors because we carry out ALL the required work to bring your building back to ground level.


Pile Tech offer a full range of foundation support services for your needs, including continuous flight auger (CFA) foundations which are ideal for urban areas and building sites where vibration and noise reduction are important.