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Groundworks Contractors - Sussex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent

Groundworks Contractors - Sussex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent

At PileTech we are able to provide professional bored pile, piling services like nobody else! We’re different to other contractors because we carry out ALL the required work to bring your building back to ground level. Most other contractors do not offer this comprehensive service; they will simply provide the basic services, leaving you to find other people to finish the job, but not us! At PileTech, we will take care of the entire project for you, saving you money, time and hassle. We cover the South East region for quality, professional groundwork foundations for Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

Pile Tech - Groundwork Contractors. Our company is able to offer the very best groundwork contract support in the South. Pile Tech has the experience, expertise and plant equipment to get the job done swiftly and effectively. The company ethos is based on a true professional skillset which is needed to complete the job. We take pride in our work and want every customer to be happy with our end result, as we work a lot on recommendation, word of mouth and referrals from our clients. We are fast becoming an established groundwork specialist company, recommended by local and regional contractors and sub-contractors alike.

Pile Tech provides a specialist groundwork service that can add value and tangible benefits to a project by removing the need to source several contractors for different jobs. We can do it all as a "one stop shop" for everything needed for sub-structure building works! We undertake commercial groundwork for industrial development and projects such as sports, schools and playground facilities as well as for commercial and residential projects too. We may be a new company, but we have 18 years of industry experience behind us working for some of the South East's leading names in the construction industry.

Pile Tech is able to provide all types of the professional bored pile and piling services. We take care of all the required work to bring your building to the ground level. We provide comprehensive services so that you do not have to hire other people for the leftover work. Pile Tech can take care of your complete project that will save time, money and trouble for you. We cover the whole Southeast region of England and offer professional groundwork services in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and London.

Groundwork refers to a group of tasks carried out to prepare the sub-surfaces before the commencement of the construction work. Pile Tech offers you the best possible groundwork support in the region. We have a team of trained professionals with all the necessary equipment to complete the contracts with efficiency. We focus on professionalism and quality, and the skill set that is needed to get the job done as per the highest standards. We are proud of what we do and want all of our customers to be satisfied with the end result. We also work a lot on recommendations and referrals.

Pile Tech is making its way rapidly towards becoming a groundwork specialist company. We are being recommended by local and regional contractors and sub-contractors. Our specialised groundwork services might add value and considerable benefits to any project. We eliminate the need for several contractors for a single job as we take care of all the required work that is to be done in a project. We serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for our consumers that provides every type of service for construction related works.

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