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Pile Tech offer a full range of foundation support services for your needs, including continuous flight auger (CFA) foundations which are ideal for urban areas and building sites where vibration and noise reduction are important. For most British ground conditions, this is the best solution for new groundwork close to existing structures and PileTech provides a comprehensive and cost effective service using hydraulic driven mounted and suspended auger systems for the job. In most drilled pier foundations, the piers are connected with grade or ground beams.

Pile Tech - CFA Piling Specialists. An augercast pile, often known as a CFA pile, is formed by drilling into the ground with a hollow stemmed continuous flight auger to the required depth or degree of resistance. No casing is required. A cement grout mix is then pumped down the stem of the auger. While the cement grout is pumped, the auger is slowly withdrawn, conveying the soil upward along the flights. A shaft of fluid cement grout is formed to ground level. Reinforcement can be installed to support any weight or load by way of micro piles, tripod piles, sheet piles, soldier piles and suction piles, each with a solution offering varying levels of specialist infrastructure and architectual concepts.

Our company offers a quality service for foundation support solutions for all types of industry in both the private sector and to the commercial and industrial sectors in the South East. John and Joe Lean have many years' industry experience between them and have observed the issues that continually arise for client – whether a private client or main contractor. Most of these issues arise out of either a lack of customer care or simply because the project is running late impacting on cost. Pile Tech is different and delivers a superb service to customers in the South East region on every job. To learn more about Pile Tech, please call us or drop us an email for a further discussion about your next project.

Piling is the process of creating a steady support for structures in urban areas and building sites. It is ideal for areas where the soil at the surface is weak. Pile foundations can also be used in situations where vibration and noise reduction are important. Many times, a hydraulic-driven mounted and suspended auger system is used to push a long cylinder made out of a strong material like concrete, wood or steel into the ground.

We, at Pile Tech, offer foundation support services for most British ground conditions. We build the auger cast pile, also known as a CFA pile, by drilling the ground with a hollow-stemmed continuous flight auger and pump a cement grout mix down the stem of the auger. The auger is slowly withdrawn letting the soil convey upwards while the cement grout fills in the hole. This structure is strong enough to support the weight of high-rise commercial buildings and homes.

We carry out the piling work using the best of modern equipment to carry out different types of piling and foundation techniques. We hold the expertise in CFA piling, rotary bored piling, micro piling, jet grouting and much more.

We take customer service very seriously and strive to deliver projects on their scheduled time. We also specialise in underpinning and groundwork which makes us stand out from our competitors. Pile Tech is a construction specialist and civil engineering company based in Hassocks, Sussex operating in the South East of England. We have a strong partner base ranging from the top building contractors, consultants, and engineers in England.

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