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An under-pinning system is one that transfers the load of a structure to a suitable bearing stratum below ground, while taking into account the possible effects of ground heave like subsidence. Pile Tech offer a full range of house under-pinning systems, and this ensures our proposed solution will be the most appropriate and cost effective to suit your property’s individual circumstances. We place great value in our reputation both with our clients and in the wider marketplace. Ultimately, the success of any project is determined by the quality of personnel undertaking the site work.

Piling and Underpinning ContractorsThis is particularly the case with structural foundations as, once completed, the works are very quickly covered with back-filled spoil. Local authority engineers and/or other external supervisory organisations are rarely able to check all of the works before they are covered up. We employ the highest level of on site supervision in the UK under pinning industry. We rely on our highly trained staff to produce high-quality work on-site based on crew training. Most importantly the pride of our crews in being the best in the business gives our customers the secure knowledge that our work will always be completed to the highest standards.

Pile Tech is a construction specialist and civil engineering company based in Hassocks and operates in the South East of England. The brothers have worked in the construction industry for many years and have a lot of experience working with all sorts of difficult construction conditions to provide modern, innovative, economical foundation solutions for the residential and commercial market along with many diverse associated industries including marine, agricultural and business properties. Pile Tech have a large range of modern equipment to carry out many different types of piling and foundation techniques including CFA piling, rotary bored piling, ground anchors / micro piling, jet grouting and various foundation support services.
Pile Tech is a specialist civil engineering company operating throughout the Southeast of the UK. Based in Hassocks, West Sussex. We are able to provide a cost effective solution to our clients that is built to their needs with bespoke design capabilities if required, providing further cost savings. We have a strong partner base at our disposal ranging from building contractors, consultants and civil engineers. We also carry out residential extensions and commercial builds for home owners, together with sub-structural building plans for groundwork projects. Call Pile Tech for professional construction solutions today.
Underpinning is a system which is installed in the commercial buildings to transfer the overall load of the structure to the ground. The load of the structure is transferred through a bearing stratum below the ground. At Pile Tech, we offer underpinning construction for commercial, industrial and private buildings.

There are plenty of reasons that make underpinning necessary, some of them are:

• The original foundation is weak.

• A stronger foundation is required for the addition of a new storey to the structure.

• The soil at the surface has weakened.

• Natural reasons like flood, earthquake, etc. have moved the structure, the building needs to be stabilised.

Underpinning can be accomplished by extending the depth or breadth of the foundation. The foundation is supported by a bigger soil stratum or spans its load on a wider area. Mass concrete, beam and base, mini-piled underpinning, etc. are some of the popular methods of underpinning.

We ensure that the proposed underpinning solution will be the most appropriate and cost-effective solution that suits your specific requirements. Pile Tech is concerned about its reputation in the industry. We strive for customer satisfaction and hope to get referrals, recommendations and word-of-mouth publicity from our clients.

Our highly trained staff ensures that the customers are on the same page and know every detail about all the construction work. We also take care to complete all work on time and according to the highest standards. We have a large range of modern equipment that is able to complete various types of operations with efficiency. We are a specialist company in construction and civil engineering based in Hassocks and we operate in Southeast of England.