Ubiquitous Drainage Solutions That Work Well and Look Great

Ubiquitous Drainage Solutions That Work Well and Look Great

Every individual loves their home and likes to take care of it. One of the foremost requirements for the maintenance of a home refers to drainage. Accumulation of water around your home could lead to damages for the foundation of your home. Reputed drainage experts recommend regular attention to water accumulation around your home for longevity.

You can find drainage issues not only in your yard but also in your basement. However, you don’t have to be worried about installing clumsy pipes and trenches for draining the excess water. You can try out new ideas of drainage solutions that enable your yard to remain beautiful and aesthetic. The following discussion reflects on different drainage solutions that work perfectly and also look great.

Rock Fountains

Drainage contractors endorse elegant rock fountains as one of the most appealing and go-to solutions for ubiquitous drainage. The rock fountains can help in adding a touch of elegance to the downspout area. Flat stones are the right material to build a rock formation that appears completely natural.

The rock formation should surround the downspout area such that it appears like it is leading towards the existence of the downspout. You can create a fountain with steps by using the flat stones that allow the water to trickle down. When water overflows in your gutters and comes out of the downspout, the rock fountain can give a waterfall-type appearance.

Rain gardens

Many drainage contractors also recommend rain gardens for visually appealing drainage solutions. Rain gardens involve a certain level of concern for the soil mix used in them. Rain gardens are shallow catch basins created as flower beds. Water accumulates in the rain gardens, and then the water slowly seeps into the soil. The soil mix would have faster-draining capabilities to increase the volume of water sinking into the soil.

As a result, you can expect better plant growth. You may use rain gardens in the case of steeper slopes in the yard. However, you should go for consultation and guidance of expert underground contractors and drainage contractors. Their experience in the field can help in creating the perfect rain garden with necessary precautions and perfection in design.

Natural Rock Streams

Drainage experts also recommend natural rock streams as a way to build visible drainage solutions that work and look good. The natural rock streams are created by combining natural rocks and water-loving plants. The combination can be placed in a stream-like arrangement along the edge of a home or the yard. The choice of plants matters significantly in creating the perfect natural rock stream.

For example, plants such as common sneezeweed or swamp milkweed are ideal for areas exposed to sunlight. However, you would prefer plants such as Virginia bluebells and monkey flowers in areas with shade. The plant and stone combination help in drawing water away from your property with ease and with an appealing aesthetic.

Pervious Paving

Pervious paving is also another notable recommendation by underground contractors and drainage contractors. Pervious paving is ideal for driveways or walking paths in your backyard. Pervious paving involves paving materials placed with small gaps in between them. The paving materials have gravel layers underneath which can allow water to sink into the soil.

The different materials for pervious paving are concrete paving, porous concrete or asphalt and plastic grids. Concrete paving has small gaps in between layers of sand or gravel underneath. Porous concrete or asphalt have in-built air pockets. Plastic grids are used for the prevention of compacting in the surface layer of sand or gravel to allow water drainage.

Closing Words

The above discussion outlined some of the popular drainage solutions that also look fantastic. After all, drainage was not always meant to be dirty!