Why One Should Get Mini Piling Services?

Mini Piling is a good foundation solution when there is limited space or restricted access to the site. This can cause problems while transporting vehicles, moving large equipment or delivering the material. Mini piling services are ideal for restrictive or low headroom projects. This is the reason, these services are most suited for works inside buildings or in sites with restrictive access. Mini piling services are used to strengthen existing structures such as bridges, retaining walls, and also as an alternative to traditional underpinning.

Top Advantages of Mini Piling Services 

  • Mini Piling systems can be structurally incorporated into existing foundation systems
  • These services work extremely well in both tension and compression
  • Mini piling systems are helpful for builders to create home extensions
  • Piles does not cause much disturbance/vibration to adjacent structures during the installation process
  • Mini piles is a good solution for sites that are close to buildings
  • Piles can work well with low headroom in restricted working conditions
  • Piles systems are easy to install depending on the ground conditions

🏗️ Different Types of Mini Piling

Mini Piling is a solution that is used in areas where access to a building site is tight. There are different types of mini piling available. Some of the common methods are mentioned below:

Drop Weight Mini Piling- Drop weight mini piling method is usually employed on projects where there is limited headroom. This type is commonly adopted by house developments to prepare the ground before anything can be built on it.

Bored Case mini Piling– Bored case mini piling is one of the main types of mini piling. Bore case mini piling is an excellent option where sensitive equipment or wildlife nearby should not be disturbed. It can be used to keep vibrations to a minimum.

Grundomat Driven Mini Piling– Grundomat driven mini piling is a popularly used mini piling method when access is difficult but there is a need for keeping noise and disruption to a minimum.  Such types of mini piling is commonly used for house extensions.

🏗️ Common Mini Piling Methods

Mentioned below are some of the common mini piling methods.

Augered Piling- Augered Piling is used in cohesive soil where segmental augers are rotated into the ground. Temporary casings can be installed in conjunction with the augers to progress the bore. After achieving the desired length, the pile bore is filled with concrete or grout. Augered piling technique is more effective where open boring is possible.

Sectional Flight Auger– Sectional Flight Auger method is used in low head rooms. The piles are formed using sectional lengths of hollow stem continuous flight auger. SFA is ideal to use in all unobstructed ground conditions.  The size of the rings makes them the most suitable for areas where there is restricted access or low working height.

Mini Bottom-Driven Piling– Mini bottom-driven piling method is suitable for all ground conditions. A closed-ended thin walled steel tube is driven in lengths of between 2m and 6m using an internal drop hammer.

Screw Piles- Screw piles can be screwed into the ground because they have a helix near the pile toe that enables easy screwing into the ground. This process is quite similar to screwing into wood.

Geothermal Piles– Geothermal piles provide support to structures as well a heat source. These piles combine pile foundations with ground-source heat pump systems. Ground source heat pumps are used to extract heat from the ground-source heat pump systems. The underground pipes are laid either horizontally or vertically in the ground.

Pile walls– Pile walls are an effective way of creating permanent and temporary retaining walls. The pile walls are formed by placing piles adjacent to one another. The piles are closely-packed like interlocking pile walls. It will also depend on the composition of the secondary intermediate piles to be hard/soft, or hard/hard decant walls.

Every construction project has its own unique challenges in terms of environmental issues, soil types, access and surrounding buildings.  All these challenges can make groundworks very complex. Mini piles are a foundation element constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and threaded bars. Mini Piling services are highly beneficial in enhancing mass stability, underpin foundations, transferring loads and providing structural support to most structures.